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Periodical Posting

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I guess because I try to write something here once a month, it’s fair to say I post periodically*. But perhaps that is insufficient. I was reading Greta Christina’s blog, and she mentions that if a blog doesn’t post every week or two, she won’t bother following it.** Sadly, I have enough difficulty just working up an interesting post once a month. And I really have no desire to turn this blog into a Twitter/Facebook realm where I update you about what I’m eating (grapes), what movie I just watched (Funny People), and what I’m doing right now (praeteritio).

What’s worse, when I do have an idea worth writing about, I often turn it into a column instead. Whether I am thinking about politics, sex, or religion, if those thoughts manage to get beyond the obvious*** or the simple one-liner observation**** to the point where I feel my ideas are worth sharing publicly, I will probably try to make them at least slightly humorous and then work them into a column. And while my more political columns like the three I just linked may not be as laugh-out-loud funny as my more zany columns, I still feel they are important and worth sharing, and enjoy having them appear in my local newspaper. Which I guess is another periodical posting.

That’s two guesses in as many paragraphs, leading me to believe… that I’m not quite sure of myself.*****  Perhaps it’s the stupefying humidity; there’s nothing else that quite gives you that feeling of having your wisdom drained.******  But I wanted to read some philosophy tonight, so I sat down to look at a bit of Kant… and found that my brain was completely unwilling to parse it. I’ve written numerous papers about the categorical imperative, but right now, I can’t even read about it. I can’t even summon up the energy to make a Kant/can’t joke. But there are so many ellipses that you could say… I’m posting periodically.

* Although it’d be even more fair if I were writing articles about the table of the elements.

** On the bright side, this means I could insult her here and she’d never read it. “Hey Greta: your blog may be incredibly well-written, often insightful, and filled with thought-provoking posts, but the blog title isn’t terribly creative. Take that!”

*** Sex is fun!

**** People end up getting screwed in all three!

***** At least, I think that’s what it means.

****** Although an encounter with a Lamia can be very similar. Pretty sure that humidity can do more wisdom damage than 1d4, though.