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You’re not the boss of me.

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Seriously, you’re not.

My editor at the Transcript? He’s the boss of me, and I just finished a column for him so you can read my wisdom on things like The Secret of Happiness and The Republican Primaries.

My editor at the Eagle? She’s the boss of me, and today (well, technically yesterday) I finished an interview, which will be added to the restaurant review I have due this week.

My editor at Globe Pequot? She’s the boss of me, and it is for her that I have been working non-stop for the past few months, so I can get the draft of my next book in on deadline.

You? I didn’t promise you anything in exchange for money, so if some of my writing is going to be short-changed, guess where.

More here in February, I promise.