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Alphabetic Boardgame Challenge!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

So, I guess other things technically happened in September. I mean, I started doing a little extra work for the local paper, doing some features for their religion and food pages. And we cooked all sorts of delicious food. And I wrote a bunch of humor columns, the most recent one which discusses a problem I share with Mitt Romney.*

But really, if I were to summarize September in three words, it would be Alphabetic Boardgame Challenge. Yes, this year was the fifth annual occurrence of this glorious event, where my partner and I play 26 games over the course of three days. And for the first time ever, she won. I’ll keep this blogpost short, but there are plenty of bad puns in my summary at that link.

*And I don’t just mean being a socially awkward white guy. Well, not only that, at any rate.**

**”At any rate” is a weird phrase. I mean, if I say, “I know you bought tickets, but I don’t plan to watch ballet, at any rate”, what does that mean? Am I both refusing to watch ballet in real-time, but also slowed down to 10 frames per second, or sped up to 999,999 frames per second? What other rates are there? I guess there are interest rates…but if I continue this footnote any further, your interest rate will drop.