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Evidence of Absence

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

I know, I know, one post a month really shouldn’t be asking too much. But there’s so much else going on, most of which provides either financial remuneration or personal satisfaction in the form of audience feedback.* And of late, I feel like this blog is more a list of interesting things I’m doing, and less an item on that list. Perhaps that accounts for my delay in updating it; it’s more fun to do interesting things than simply list them. Hmm…. maybe if I tried to list them in rhyme.

This is a thing I could have mentioned sooner,
You can now listen streaming to The Big Kahuna,
The Torrentz album of Foodcore Hip-Hop
So put The Big Cheese on repeat, and don’t stop.

Drop what you’re doing, speaking of good rappin’,
That gets your toes tappin’ and your fingers snappin’,
Legend of the Cipher game - don’t be nappin’
New interview, and news of what happened.

That’s been going on, now been related,
And my column, while not quite syndicated
May now appear on occasion in the Bennington Banner,
About penguins, facebook, and your weather planner.

Board-game-wise, I remain a giant dork.
New Review — Five Points: Gangs of New York
Been performing — stand-up comedy is fun,
And slams doing poems much better than this one.

…well, that was more enjoyable for me, but probably less so for you. Freestyles are never very exciting when written down. On the other hand, now you have lots of links to click on, so that’s fun, right? Hopefully another post within the next two weeks.

*Or personal dissatisfaction in the form of microphone feedback.