Genesis 2

God completed the work He was doing on the seventh day and said, “I’ll take a rest.
And because I have rested on this seventh day, from now on it is holy and blessed.”

Now these are the beginnings of heaven and earth, when their creation first came to pass:
At the time of the LORD God’s making of the heavens and earth, when not one blade of grass
Had yet sprouted, no bush of the field was yet on the earth, no plants were yet on the plain,
For there was no man yet that could till all the soil, and the LORD God had not made it rain.
But a flow would well up from the ground and then water all soil on the face of the earth.
And the LORD God formed human from humus and dust of the soil, thus to man giving birth.
He blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and that’s how man became a living being.

The LORD God planted a garden out in the east, in the land full of pleasure called Eden,
And He placed there the man He had formed. Then the Lord God from there caused to grow from the ground
Every species of tree that was pleasant to see, and from which the good food could be found,
With the Tree of Life right in the midst of the garden, and also the Tree of the Knowing
About Good and Evil. (Immortality and knowledge thus both in Eden were growing).
There’s a river that flows out from Eden to water the garden, and then it divides
Into four branches. First of the branches is Pishon, that spreads through lands where gold resides,
Through the whole land of Havilah where gold is good, and there’s onyx and lapis lazuli.
Now the second river is the Gihon (or Gusher), and through Cush it circles quite truly.
Then the third river’s name is Hiddekel (or Tigris), the one which flows east of Assyria.
And the fourth river is the Euphrates. That’s all of the four rivers from Eden’s area.

The LORD God took the man and set him in the garden of Eden to till it and tend it.
“Of every other tree you may eat quite freely,” to the man the LORD God had commanded,
“But eat not from the tree of the Knowing of Good and Evil, that fruit you must not try.
For on that very day that you eat from that tree, as soon as you eat it, you will die.”

The LORD God said, “Since it is not good for the man I have made to be living alone,
I will make him a helper that’s fitting for him.” So the LORD God then formed from the loam
Every beast of the field, every bird of the skies, and brought them to the man by the score
To see what man would name it; and whatever man named a beast was its name ever more.
And the man called out names to the cattle, the birds, and the beasts; all the animals had ‘em,
But although every last one of them had been named, there was no fitting helper for Adam.

So the LORD God caused deep sleep to fall upon Adam, took one of his ribs for a plan.
God closed up the flesh, fashioned the rib into woman, and then brought her unto the man.
Man said, “This one is good! She’s the bone of my bones, and the flesh of my flesh here displayed.
This one shall be called Woman, since ’twas from the rib of Man that she was fashioned and made!”
So a man therefore shall leave his father and mother to go cling instead to his wife,
So the two can become all one flesh. (That’s the way things began, and the way of all life).

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