Genesis 3

So the two of them here, both the man and his wife, were naked, but no shame did they feel.
Now the snake was more clever than all other beasts which the LORD God had made in the field.

The snake said to the woman, “Did God really say: You shan’t eat any tree in the garden?”
And the woman replied, “We can eat fruit from most, but to one he has not given pardon.
Of the tree in the middle, God said: You shall not eat or touch it at all, lest you die.”
The snake said, “You won’t die, but God knows that if you eat that tree it will open your eyes.
You’ll become just like gods, knowing of good and evil.” The woman then saw that the tree
Was both good for eating and delight to the eyes, and desired for perspicacity.
So she took from its fruit, and ate some of it, then she gave some to her husband as food,
And he ate some as well. Then both opened their eyes and they suddenly knew they were nude.

They sewed fig leaves and made themselves loincloths to wear. Of the LORD God they then heard the sound,
Moving through the cool garden. The man and his wife hid in trees to avoid being found.
The LORD God then called out to the man and He said “Where are you?” And the man then replied,
“I heard sounds of You. Since I am naked, I was afraid and I decided to hide.”
God asked, “Who was it that told you that you are naked (and caused you to want to be hidden)?
Did you eat from the tree of which I had commanded that eating was strictly forbidden?”
Man said, “It was the woman you gave to be with me, she gave me that fruit, so I ate.”
And God said to the woman, “What’s this you have done?” And the woman responded, “The snake
Enticed and convinced me, so I ate.” And the LORD God then said to the serpent, “Because
You have done this thing, you will now be more cursed than any animal that ever was.
You will crawl on your belly, eat dust for the rest of your life. Enmity I will spread
Between you and the woman, your offspring and hers; you will wound their heel, they’ll wound your head.”

To the woman he said, “I will multiply pregnancy’s pain, and the pains of childbirth.
Your desire will be towards your husband, and yet he will rule over you on this earth.”
Then to Adam he said, “Because you have done as your wife said, from that tree did you eat
Of which I had commanded: You must not eat it! Cursed shall be the ground under your feet
All because of you. Only with painstaking work shall you eat from the ground ever more.
Let it sprout thorns and thistles for you, yet your food shall be grass that grows from the earth’s floor.
By the sweat of your brow shall you get bread to eat, ’til at last you return to the ground–
For from it you were taken. You are dust, and back to dust you shall return (homeward bound).
The man named his wife Eve, for she was to become the great mother of all of the living.
The LORD God made Adam and his wife coats of skins and clothed them (being somewhat forgiving).

The Lord God said, “Man has become like one of us, knowing good, knowing evil, and so
Lest he send forth his hand for the Tree of Life’s fruit and gain eternal life, he must go.”

So the LORD God sent Adam away from the garden of Eden so that he could toil
(And here toil means tilling the ground from which Adam was taken, the very same soil).
Yes, He drove the man out, and placed east of the garden the Cherubim, (fierce winged beasts)
This along with a sword, flaming and ever-turning, to guard the Tree of Life from east.

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