Genesis 23

Sarah’s lifetime in years was one hundred and twenty seven, all the years of her life.
Sarah died in Arba-town (Hebron) in the land of Canaan. Abraham mourned his wife,
So he came to mourn Sarah and weep for her, then he rose up from before his own dead
And he told the Hittites, “I am a sojourner who has settled among you,” and said,
“Give me title to a burial site among you, so that I may bury from view
My own dead.” And the Hittites responded to him, saying, “Hear us, my lord. Now since you
Are exalted by God in our midst, bury your dead in our choicest burial site.
None among us denies you his plot for your dead.” Abraham then bowed to the Hittites.
He bowed low to the Hittites, the folk of the land, and said, “If this is your true request
That I bury my dead out of sight, then hear me, and for me intercede at your best
With Ephron son of Zohar, so that he may give me title to the cave of Machpelah,
Which he owns. It is at the far edge of his land, and I’ll pay the full price to that fella.
Let him sell it to me in your presence as burial site.” Ephron was sitting there,
With the Hittites. Then Ephron the Hittite arose, giving answer so that all could hear,
“No, my lord, hear me. The field I give you, and give you the cave on that land,” Ephron said,
“Here, I give it to you in the presence of my people’s sons. Go and bury your dead.”
Abraham bowed before the people of the land, speaking to Ephron so all could hear,
“But wait, hear me out, let me pay you the land’s price, take it, so I may bury dead there.”
Ephron answered to Abraham, “My lord, hear me. This small land has a value, we’ve said,
Of four hundred silver shekels, what’s that between me and you? Go and bury your dead.”
Abraham heeded Ephron’s terms, weighed out to him the silver, in its full promised weight
Which the Hittites had heard, four hundred silver shekels priced at the going merchants’ rate.

So the field of Ephron in Machpelah, near Mamre, the field and the cave therein,
And all trees in the area passed from Ephron to Abraham as his possession,
In the presence of the Hittites, and of all who entered through the town’s gates. After that,
Abraham buried Sarah his wife in the cave which in the field of Machpelah sat,
East of Mamre (Hebron) in the land of Canaan. And so it had passed from the Hittites,
The field with the cave in it, into Abraham’s possession as a burial site.

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