Genesis 35

Now the Lord said to Jacob, “Arise, go to Bethel and stay there, and there build an altar
To the God who appeared to you when you fled your brother Esau.” And he did not falter.
Jacob said to his household and all with him, “Rid yourself of all foreign deities.
Remove them from your midst, purify yourselves, change your clothes, rise, come to Bethel with me.
There I will build an altar to the God who answered me on the day of my distress,
Who has been with me all places that I have gone.” And the people agreed and said, “Yes.”
So they gave Jacob all of the foreign gods they had, and all sacred rings in their ears,
And Jacob buried them under the oak near Shechem, to stay there for thousands of years.
As they moved on, upon all the towns that were near where they journeyed, a fear of God fell,
So that they did not chase the sons of Jacob. And Jacob came back to Luz (now Bethel),
In the land of Canaan, he and all that were with him. And Jacob built an altar there,
And he called the place “El-Bethel” (”Godhead”) for that was where God unto him had appeared,
When he fled from his brother. Now Deborah, the nurse of Rebekah, died in their keeping.
She was buried below Bethel, under an oak named “Allon Bacuth” (or “Oak of Weeping”).

God appeared again to Jacob, when he came back from the country of Aram, and blessed him.
God said to him, “You who are named Jacob, you shall be named Jacob no more.” God addressed him,
“For your name shall be Israel!” God called his name “Israel”, and God said to him too,
“I am God Almighty, be fertile and increase, nation and nations shall come from you,
Kings shall spring from your loins. The land I gave to Abraham and Isaac, to you I give it,
And to your offspring after you I give the land.” Then God left before Jacob could pivot.
God went up from beside him, where He’d spoken with him. And Jacob set up at that site
A stone pillar where God spoke to him, he poured oil and drink offerings on the granite.
Jacob named the place where God had spoken to him “Bethel” (”House of God”). They left Bethel.
But when they were still some distance short of Ephrath, a hard childbirth came to Rachel.
She had difficult labor, but at its hardest, the midwife told her, “Don’t be afraid,
For this one is another son for you.” But as Rachel died and her life slipped away,
She named him “Ben-Oni” (”Son of My Suffering”), but his father named him “Benjamin”,
(Or “Son of the Right Hand”). Rachel died. It was the road to Ephrath she was buried in.
(That’s now Bethlehem.) Jacob set a pillar which remains on Rachel’s grave to this day.
Israel journeyed on, pitching his tent beyond Migdal-Eder (”Herd-Tower”), to stay.
While Israel stayed in that land, Reuben went and lay with Bilhah, his dad’s concubine.
And Israel found out. Now the sons of Jacob numbered twelve, twelve strong boys from his line.
The sons of Leah: Jacob’s firstborn Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah, Issachar,
And Zebulun. The sons of Rachel: Joseph and Benjamin. Then the sons of Bilhah,
Rachel’s maid: Dan and Naphtali. And the sons of Zilpah, Leah’s maid: Asher and Gad
These are Jacob’s sons who were born to him in the country of Aram. Twelve sons he had.

Jacob came home to Isaac his father at Mamre, in Arba (which is now Hebron),
Where both Abraham and Isaac had sojourned once. And in years, Isaac was getting on.
The days of Isaac’s life were one hundred and eighty years, when he breathed his last and died.
Isaac died and was gathered to his kinspeople, at ripe old age, in years satisfied.
He was buried by his sons Esau and Jacob (now Israel), both there to preside.

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