Genesis 39

Now when Joseph was brought down to Egypt, Potiphar, who served as Pharaoh’s chief steward,
An Egyptian man, a court official of Pharaoh’s, and also Captain of the guard,
Had acquired Joseph from the hands of the Ishmaelites, who had brought him down there.
And the Lord was with Joseph and so he was a man blessed with success beyond compare.
Joseph stayed in the house of his lord the Egyptian, who saw that The Lord was with him,
And also that the Lord brought success onto everything that Joseph had his hand in.
Joseph found favor with him and waited on him, so he set him over his household,
And all things that he owned. And as soon as Joseph as the household chief had been enrolled,
The Lord blessed the Egyptian’s house because of Joseph. His blessing was on everything,
All things in the house and in the fields owned by the Egyptian received the Lord’s blessing.
So he left all that he had in Joseph’s hands, and with him there, he had just one concern:
The bread that he ate. Joseph was well-built and nice to look at (like his mother, in turn).
After some time, the wife of the master laid eyes upon Joseph and said, “Lie with me!”
But Joseph refused, saying to his lord’s wife, “Look, with me here, my lord is worry-free.
All belonging to him he has placed in my hands; in this house, I rule as much as he,
And he has withheld not one thing from me, except you, for you are his wife. Don’t you see?
So how could I do this evil to him? It would be a sin against God, in addition!”
Though she coaxed Joseph day after day to lie with her and be with her, he did not listen.

Now one day, he came to the house to work, and none of the men were inside the homestead.
She grabbed him by his coat and said, “Lie with me!” But he left his coat in her hand and fled.
He escaped outside, but when she saw that he’d fled outside and left the coat in her hand,
She called in her house-servants and said to them, “See! He has brought to us a Hebrew man
To have play with us. He came to me, to lie with me, but I yelled out in a loud voice,
And when he heard my scream, he left his coat and fled outside, since he did not have much choice.”
Now she kept his coat next to her until his master came home, then she told him the tale,
“The Hebrew servant who you brought to us came to me to have play with me, but did fail.
I yelled out, and he left his coat with me and fled.” When his lord heard the words his wife spoke,
Saying, “This is what your servant has done to me,” then his anger was fully provoked.
Joseph’s lord had him put in the dungeon, the place where the king’s prisoners were confined.
But while Joseph was there in the dungeon, the Lord was with him, and was faithful and kind.
The Lord made the chief jailer find favor with Joseph. The chief jailer put in his hands
All the prisoners in the dungeon. All that got done, got done because of Joseph’s commands.
The chief jailer did not supervise anything; Joseph worked so well, there was no need,
Because the Lord was with him, and no matter what Joseph did, the Lord made it succeed.

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