L’Shanah Tovah

A happy healthy new year to all of you. In the past year my latest book about Rhode Island was released, I did some rhyming work for an educational company teaching children how to read, and I participated in a poetry festival. All wonderful things, to be sure, but I think my magnum opus so far remains this line-by-line rhyming version of the Torah. If you are coming to the site for the first time, admittedly I have not updated often, but it is my hope that the book mostly speaks for itself. If you have not yet taken a look, I encourage (beseech) you to do so:

Thanks, and let us hope for peace in the new year.

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DinaSeptember 5th, 2013 at 2:32 am

Shalom Seth. It is good to hear you again.
I join your hoping for some peace in the new year. Shana tova!

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