Looking Forward

I think it’s been a rough year for many people. But I’m trying to take refuge in the many good things (and good people) in my life, and continue to enjoy things as much as possible. Gaming continues apace, and although I haven’t put a review up for it yet, Pandemic: Legacy S1 continues as well. Lately I’ve been playing more videogames, especially thanks to being gifted Trails in the Sky, a classic-console-style jRPG that has served as comfort food during this cold time.

Food has also served as comfort food, as my health has improved enough that I’m eating with slightly more variety again, and certainly enjoying our local sushi joint’s weekly half-price special. And of course my annual gathers with friends keep me comforted, from the just-completed Heathen Hullabaloo at the Oriental Buffet, to the rapidly-impending New Years festivities.

I am still trying to stay healthy, as you can see from my vaguely accurate¬†“Diary for Holiday Heath”*¬† And while I am aware that there is now some dispute about whether any instructions were given against using 7 certain words, I did not possess that information at the time I wrote my most recent column, “7 Christmas Carols for the CDC”, which I hope you will enjoy in the holiday spirit, and I bid you all the best for the coming year — let’s make it a better one.

*“Don’t you mean ‘health’?”¬† “Nope, it’s the holidays, so there’s noel.”

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