Various Happenstances of Seth

    In the early 2000s, the best place to find details about my life was my old hand-coded blog on my WSO page. From 2005-2007, I hand-coded my blog updates right here on Blog. Nowadays, I'm too lazy to hand-code everything, so you can read my current WordPress-powered blog on this site by clicking the giant "The Rising Pun" header at the top of the page.

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What other people are saying about Seth Brown


"Let Seth Brown be an example to you. He is an impressive young man
and poet who we will be hearing more from, God willing."

--Dan Savage

"Perhaps he is not an individual, but a composite."
--Maria Greig

"He has 1) No shame and 2) an excellent sense of humor."
--Gene Weingarten

"Of all the Seths I know, this one is the funniest."
--Kim Wand

"You should spend less time writing doggerel and more time studying history."
--Pat Buchanan (after my rhyming response at a debate attacking his position)

"You're sometimes a little bit funny."
--Doone Mackay

"Seth -- You are no Dave Barry, and I should know."
--Dave Barry

"Your life isn't a complete waste, because I can laugh at you."
--Steve Wollkind

"Devastatingly, egregiously entertaining."
-- Taylor Mali



What Seth Brown is saying about Seth Brown


    I am a freelance humorist specializing in writing, and a freelance writer specializing in humor. I have written columns for the Providence Journal, Williams Record, Berkshire Advocate, and currently the North Adams Transcript.. I used to appear frequently in the Washington Post's Style Invitational, but now more often write reviews for places like the Berkshire Eagle and USA Today. I am a member of the Royal Berkshire Improv Troupe, a former stand-up comic, a slam poet, an occasional rapper, and the author of four books.

    I inhale and exhale humor, unwilling and perhaps unable to live without it. I am a wordsmith, bending language to my will, oft in service of the aforementioned humor goal. I enjoy eating and gaming with friends. I am fluent in Pig Latin and know how to say "Your dog is in the microwave" in five languages. I gave up piano for the kazoo, and formed a classical kazoo quintet which gave a command performance of Pachelbel's Canon. I have an unnatural fondness for fondue, a bottomless gluttony for gaming, and an insatiable penchant for punnery. I, unlike Bob Dole, don't mind writing in the first person occasionally.

Seth has appeared in...

Newspapers: USA Today, Washington Post, Providence Journal, Berkshire Eagle, Patriot Ledger, Warwick Beacon, Iowa Gazette, Berkshire Advocate, North Adams Transcript, East Greenwich Pendulum, Toronto Globe & Mail (Canada), Williams Record, Rhode Island Jewish Herald,

Magazines: New Statesman (UK), Weekly Standard, Mad Cow, JVibe

Radio: WJMI (Cleveland), WAMC (Albany), WELH (Providence)

Websites:,,,,,,,,, TopFive Pets,,,




Huzzah, the end of another Internet self-summary. I wonder if some of the famous names needed explanation. Well, Dan Savage is a widely syndicated sex advice columnist, Gene Weingarten is the Washington Post's humor columnist, Pat Buchanan is a former presidential candidate, Taylor Mali is an national slam poetry champion, and if you don't know who Dave Barry is, I'm not going to tell you.