I Column As I Seeum

    Back at the end of 2004, I began my most recent column (The Pun Also Rises) for the North Adams Transcript. Unfortunately, they only keep things online for a week or two, so you'll have to go to that link and search for Seth Brown if you want to read my newest columns (and a smattering of older ones) there. Eventually, I may post some favorites here. Meanwhile, here's a large archive of some of my pre-2008 work:

(Now in reverse chronological order! )
        2007 Columns         2006 Columns         2005 Columns         2004 Columns (all both of them)

    I have held a few columns in the past. Just after graduating highschool, I had a column in the Providence Journal. This, in spite of the miniscule pay, was the best job I've ever had. I wrote political poetry every Sunday for a fairly large audience, often in Epic Limerick form but occasionally in quatrains like this one:


    I kept that column up until around the 2000 elections, at which point it faded away. However, I still kept busy by writing a more prosaic column about college life for the Williams Record. This gave me a space where I could alternate between ranting about minutia and mocking my own misfortunes. An example of the latter is here:


    Since graduating from college, my writing attention has been more focused on books and less on columns. Ever so briefly, I held a column called the Land of the Rising Pun in the Berkshire Advocate. Here are a few of them that are still online at the time of my writing this - please do email me if some of these links have expired:




    Eventually, my older columns will migrate to the Rising Pun. Meanwhile, you can find them at my old WSO page.

Putting all of my older columns here would be a capital idea. Unfortunately, since I was too much of a doric to flaut them here as of now, they will currently not be fluted. As Alanis Morissette would say, isn't it ionic?