Various Happenstances of Seth


   Old pages (Pre-March 2005) are still on my old WSO site, and I'll point to a few of them below, but the new blog is here, and has an update for every month. Eventually.


   Now, eventually, there will be more entries there. However, in the meantime you're welcome to look at the ghosts of blog past. The WSO blog ran for a few years, and while you're welcome to paw through it all in order if you like, I'd just like to point out a few posts I think are most notable: It all began with an email forward. Like anyone, I have my ups and downs. These ups and downs often come with food; Ups would be foods like cheese and cookies, while downs would be cooking errors with hot sauce or crawfish. I wrote the occasional satire article before finally making my last WSO blog post in February 2005.







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