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Novembrial Gifts

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

You can adjectify* months, right? Right.

So, last month I was all ready to leap into non-stop boardgame reviewing. And after this awesome announcement, and what I considered to be a pretty interesting foray into the world of rapping boardgame reviews, this month I haven’t posted any new reviews. This is a fact about which I feel remiss, but I’ve been working hard on my next book because a half-manuscript draft is due this week. Expect a publication announcement in 2012.

Meanwhile, it’ s not as if I haven’t been thinking about games. I’m still playing games and poking BGG. And possibly spending too much money buying giant shipments of boardgames from Black Friday sales. So I promise here and now, next month there will be a new review, and next year there will be more rapping reviews. For now, you could always read my old reviews of Train of Thought or Barons.

November has been fun for me, though. In addition to working on the book, I got to perform at the Adirondack Comedy Festival, alongside some very cool acts. I wrote a bit about the importance of live theatre, and soon after read an article saying that people are happiest when having sex, exercising, or watching live theatre.

Speaking of sex, there’s something wrong with our society if unwanted sexual harassment/assault won’t kill your presidential campaign, but consensual extramarital sex will. Dunno how long this link is good, but here are some brief thoughts on the Republican Primary candidates.

Finally, I wanted to make another Gift Guide post, directing you to buy gifts for your friends from my friends. Sadly, my friends all seem to have empty etsy storefronts, but I still recommend that you buy the books and games that I have recommended here.

*To turn into an adjective, of course. Although I guess technically, if I’d just titled the post “November Gifts”, you could argue that November is an adjective. ┬áThen again, you could also argue it’s a breakfast cereal. That’s the thing about arguing.