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February 14, 2006

   I don't like Valentine's Day, as a holiday*. I've listed many reasons in many columns in the past, but basically it combines obligation for those attached with lonely suffering for those who aren't. And it's all encouraged by card companies.

   But this Valentine's Day may have been the most heartbreaking one yet. And I'm not just talking about my continued inability to get people to pay me lots of money and publish my ingenious poetry, like my newest piece. No, I'm talking about the heartbreak that only comes from betrayal. was our site. Mine and Lex's, so named because people used to confuse and conflate us. We built it, put a blog there, and filled it with comedy for a few years. But one of us who isn't me didn't manage to renew the domain name**. So the site disappeared for a few weeks. Well, I recently found out that it has relaunched: It's now in the hands of a porn search engine.

   I'm sort of horrified and sort of amused. Oh well. 2006 may mark the final death of our website at that URL, but I hereby predict it will also mark the birth of some new humor co-created by the two of us. Meanwhile, the site I loved is now just a clearinghouse for lust, proving Avenue Q is correct when they tell us, The Internet is for Porn.

   Alas. Meanwhile, sympathies to everyone for Valentine's Day, whether it be because you are lonely, beset by obligation, generally hate the holiday, or happen to be loved by me.



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*Nor do I like it as a breakfast cereal, an air freshener, or a prosthetic foot.

**Granted, one of us who isn't me also paid for, designed, and maintained the whole site. But hey, who's counting?

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