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February 27, 2007

    Hello again. It's been a few months since I've written here, for which I apologize. But I was busy. Now that I'm back, I have two good pieces of news. First of all, I finished my book Rhode Island Curiosities. The final manuscript has been turned in, and the book should be published sometime in August. Yes, I still have another book or two I need to write, but I'm happy to have finished this one.

    Rhode Island is awesome. If I had been charged with writing that book in any other state, I would have been miserable. But traversing the length of Rhode Island a few times in one day isn't so bad. Best of all, I now have a compendium of mostly useless knowledge of odd people and places around Rhode Island, which is a perfect match for my compendium of knowledge of odd groups around the country. You'd be amazed how often groups from Think You're The Only One? come up in conversation.*

    Anyway, sometime in August, the book will come out and be added to my books page. I really need to update that. Actually, I need to update a lot of this site, especially this blog. Part of the reason I've gone so long without posting is that I had a book to write. And part of the reason was the unfavorable alignment of the stars.** But part of the reason was the fact that updating this blog takes a long time because it's all hand-coded.*** I've been meaning to upgrade to some easier blog client for some time, and hopefully in the next few months I'll figure out how to get that done.

    Meanwhile, I recently was recognized by the New England Press Association, who ranked me second place in the humor columnist category for their 2006 awards. I was very pleased to get the award, of course, but I have to say that the write-up in the NEPA official statement was somewhat damning with faint praise. I quote:

"Seth Brown has a knack of turning the small observation into something that is -- well, not profound, but certainly amusing."

    Not profound? In 2006, I wrote columns about the categorical imperative and omphaloskepsis. And perhaps most importantly, I wrote columns about the most profound issues our country faces today: A wider adoption of the half-dollar, and a conversion to metric time. If they weren't convinced, perhaps I'll just have to write on those topics again.




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    *Seriously. Sometimes it feels like I write these books just so I'll have something to talk about. It seems like roughly once every month or two that someone's talking about a group that I interviewed. And I swear it's almost every few weeks that someone says something that makes me think of one of the groups, but I usually don't bring it up. I don't have to talk about the World RPS Society every time someone plays Rock, Paper, Scissors -- even if I think of them every time.

    **It is the Chinese year of the Pig, which Chinese prognosticators have said does not bode well. And I don't think they're just hamming it up.

    ***Everyone else uses machines to write their blogs. You have no idea how much painstaking work it is to add each pixel to your monitor.

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