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June 7, 2005

   Let me explain to you how this blog works. Something really interesting* happens, and I think to myself, "I should write about this!", and then I continue enjoying the interesting thing. By the time I sit down to update this blog, I've forgotten what I wanted to say. So I don't update, and go do other things. Then something interesting happens again, so I have it in my head that I want to update, but by the time I sit down, nothing. I've forgotten what I want to write about.

   Well, there's one thing I do remember, and that's my recent trip to Santa Fe. Those of you cool enough to have read my WSO blog may remember a post last year about "Santa Fe: Land of the Closed", because everywhere my family went was closed. And perhaps you even remember how I was magically treated as persona non grata** at the restaurants we went to. So sure enough, I went back to Santa Fe and there were three restaurants on my list that I wanted to visit. The first was the inexpensive but tasty Mexican restaurant where I used to eat five years ago, and visited last year. Closed down, construction going on inside. The second was the quirky cafe I enjoyed last year where the waitressess had no idea where the dessert even came from, let alone what it was. Out of business, closed down. And the third was the high-class Mexican restaurant where they make fresh guacamole at your table. That was open! But when night fell, they turned on lights for every single occupied outside table except ours.

   Actually, the one thing I do remember is being forgetful. Like this past weekend, I attended Williams graduation to cheer on some friends. I had thought I remembered I was supposed to meet someone for a walk afterwards, so I called her. No answer. I called again an hour later. Still no answer. Not only were we supposed to coambulate, but she was my plan for getting home. So, I ended up walking the long way home, where I finally arrived to find a message from a different friend, asking if I was still planning on meeting him for our walk today. Did I say Captain Forgetful Rides Again? I should have said he walks.


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*Well, "really interesting" is a relative term. For example, I might find it really interesting to go into a Taco Bell and have a discussion with the clerk about why half-dollars are so cool, and have her gape at the amount of burritos and especially the amount of fire sauce I demand and consume.

**Literally, "Person who does not remind us of grated cheese in any way,"

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