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Ides Wide Shut

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Well, we’re past the Ides of March. But I still had three or four Caesar salads* in the past two weeks, which were delicious. And unlike most other delicious things I’ve made of late (such as greek meatloaf), with the salads I even feel like I’m eating something healthy.**

Anyway, I have to say, this March has been a fairly eventful month for me. First, I mean that literally — March has been full of events. I did another presentation at a temple for God To Verse, attended a few different birthday parties for good friends, had the usual bunch of gaming events and random gathers. And I also had an enjoyably busy weekend where each day, I was quickly trying to create something to perform that night. Third Fridays of each month are now Comedy Night at Main Street Stage, and March’s edition saw me in the role of both stand-up comedian and improv comedy performer. I love improv because it’s made up on the spot, but I was still honing my stand-up act right before the show.

The next day was a poetry slam, and even though I was only going to be reading two poems, I always feel I should perform at least one new piece whenever I attend a slam. I’d had a vague idea for a while, but hadn’t managed to write anything new. But right before the event was scheduled to start, a bolt of inspiration suddenly struck me, and I realized what I wanted to do with my poem. Sure, I couldn’t figure out how to do it, but I could at least write about what I wanted to do, and thus managed to finish and print my poem and still arrive in time to enter the slam.

Sunday after some logistical snafus, I was slated to attend a friend’s birthday party, and suddenly had the idea that I should bake and bring something interesting. So once again, although it made me late, I did arrive bearing freshly-baked wasabi-sesame-ginger cookies.***

March has just been filled with things. I traveled to Boston and then Rhode Island, doing some research for another RI book. I decided that I have too much stuff, and need to stop acquiring random stuff. Then I ordered another box of board games, because they were on sale, and I’d wanted At the Gates of Loyang for a long time. (Perhaps I can justify that as research too, as I may soon be writing About Boardgames.) Before the month is out, I may go see a poetry reading by Marie-Elizabeth Mali and Taylor Mali, or even go on a bizarre expedition that combines RPGs with speed dating.

Suffice to say, March may only be three days longer than February, but it has certainly felt very full.

*Oddly, the only popular dictator food. Nobody ever orders a Hitler sandwich. I suppose you could argue that the Earl of Sandwich should count, but he wasn’t really a dictator. Although now that I’m thinking about it, perhaps they should make dictator tots.

**Which of course isn’t entirely the case given the copious dressing and cheese. But I guess since there’s some lettuce, I am technically eating something healthy.

***My own recipe, of course. Where by “recipe” I mean “vague idea of three ingredients I wanted together in cookies”.

April Fooles

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Yes, it’s April, which means that there is even more foolishness going on than usual, and you can come join in. Tonight I’ll be at The Alley in North Adams at 8:30 for their free open mic comedy. This weekend is also the Fools Fest in Pittsfield, a celebration of foolishness that contains many many events. The two I’m involved with are the free open mic comedy at Mission on Friday night, and the Royal Berkshire Improv Troupe dinner theatre at Dottie’s on Saturday (tickets by advance reservation only).

I’ve been celebrating the foolishness at home as well. Yes, in addition to simply living like I normally do, which many would say is foolish enough. But I recently finished Christopher Moore’s new novel “Fool”, which follows the behind-the-scenes skullduggery* of possibly my favorite Foole** of all time, King Lear’s. For those of you who enjoyed “Lamb”, or who are Shakespeare buffs, I highly recommend it. I’m currently reading “Ship of Fools” by Katherine Porter, a classic book which like too many classics seems to be starting rather slowly, and has buckets of POV racism. Still, I will inevitably finish reading it anyway, as I am incapable of not finishing books once I start them.

Blog posts, on the oth–

*Apparently Wordpress is attempting to fool me into thinking skullduggery is not a real word by underlining it in red. But then again, it dislikes “Foole”

**I cannot type “Foole” without thinking of George Carlin, whose routine “Occupation: Foole” no doubt had some effect on me.

We need a Hero…

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Or seven, possibly. That’s why you should go read this article about the seven powers we really want to see on Heroes. If you dig it, Digg it. If not, well, then maybe you’ll prefer my most recent column, which was about tissues.

Last week, I performed my stand-up act for the first monthly Comedy Open Mic at a new local restaurant. I used a lot of the same material I used four years ago at a conference in Ohio, but for some reason, it didn’t go over nearly as well. I’d have thought a crowd of humor writers would be a tougher crowd then a bunch of local folks attending a comedy night, but I was wrong.  Oddly, the local folks seemed to really dig the improv we did post-stand-up, which (to my mind) wasn’t a patch on my carefully crafted routine. Oh well; that’s why I do improv stuff.