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Happy Old Year!

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

I guess three weeks in is a little late to be happy new yearing. But hey, it’s January, and we’re still alive, so that deserves some sort of celebration. Apparently the local Big Y now carries octopus (!!!), so that’s a way I’ll be celebrating tomorrow night.

On the game front, my group finally finished Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, for which you can read my spoiler-free review to see why I enjoyed it more than I expected. The Legacy game thing intrigues me, for sure, and I’m curious to try more… we’ll see if Gloomhaven crosses my path. In Videogame-world I’ve started playing Mass Effect 2, long overdue since I loved original Mass Effect, but my old computer wouldn’t run the sequel. I’ve also started in on Headlander, a delightful retro-futurist metroidvania from Double Fine.

New England weather continues being its wacky self. Earlier this month we had temperatures down to -17, then it was up to 40, then down towards freezing again. I’m just glad that when the 10 inches of snowstorm fell, I was able to pay the local plow guy. Here’s hoping for a warmer weekend.