Various Happenstances of Seth

July 29, 2007

    Yeah, this post is late. But that's appropriate, because a few days ago I had to take a business trip to New York where "late" was the word of the day.*.

    The car that was supposed to take me to the train arrived late at my office. Consequently, the guy drove at breakneck speed out of fear that I'd be late for my train. Given my susceptibility to carsickness, this speedy driving along curved roads made me feel so ill I was wondering if I'd soon be the late Seth Brown.

    Luckily, when we arrived at the station, my train hadn't left. Unluckily, it also wasn't going to leave for another two hours, because trains that have to come through Chicago are always late. Once I boarded the train and we were all seated, I found I was between a woman listening to incredibly loud music, and a woman with a screaming kid. So I was at least glad that the two hour delay had occurred in the station and not on the track.

    However, as you probably know, I don't believe in the tyranny of the "or", and apparently neither does my life. Twenty minutes out of the station, the train stopped, and we had another two hour delay on the track. By the time we finally arrived, not only were were almost four hours late, but it was so late that I was worried my hosts would already be asleep.

    All that aside, I'd still rather take the train than a bus.


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    *Sadly, even though I said it, no duck came down to award me fifty dollars.

    **Something everyone should realize after using computers for any length of time is that things never "just work". Whether it's at home, or at work, computer failures (both software and hardware) will constantly impede your progress on whatever needs to be done.

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